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Providing the best souvenirs from Chiayi County

               Agong's Chicken Rice Sauce             

~ Easily eat at home~ Authentic Chiayi Chicken Rice

      👴Agong's is a small food manufacturer located in Chiayi County.

       To ensure the best quality and taste, please consume immediately after opening packages.

         No added preservatives or chemicals.




​Giving you the most authentic Taiwanese taste

Agong's sauce (ji rou fan sauce) originated from a street food shop which operated more than 60 years ago, located under the famous Ali mountain in Taiwan's Chayi city.

Agong's sauce (ji rou fan sauce) originated from one of the most traditional staple street food. It's unique taste and delicious smell incites an unforgettable mouth watering experience and delivers the most traditional and authentic taste.

Agong's sauces are packaged with aseptic automatic packaging and made with all natural ingredients with no added preservatives.

Our delicious sauce, can be added to rice, noodles, vegetables or even used as a hotpot soup base, it's uses are endless.

Simple, convenient, and extremely delicious.


Order online, home delivery available in mainland Taiwan,


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